Art (12-15 Environment)

Course description ART

The class “ART ” will review and build on the knowledge of the Elements of Art. During the course of the year we will explore the Principles of Design and how they apply to creating visually pleasing imagery as well as how they can be used to convey meaning in art.
The emphasis of this class will be on techniques and methods used to explore and express through art our own personal story and how we connect to communities around us .
Short description of this course: “Art as Personal Journeys within Communities”

The five terms of our school year will focus individually on:
- Drawing and Drawing skills
- Painting (different mediums)
- Bookmaking/ Printmaking
- Sculpture/ 3-D Design
- Art History

Disclosure Statement (please, print, sign, and return to the teacher for credit)

Project 1
"Buzzing Bugs and Creepy Crawlies" a complex symmetrical design. This project ties into one of our school wide projects --The Bug Project
Appropriate internet sites for this project are:

Lesson Plan:

Project 2
Portfolio- use of transfer techniques to create a pattern out of the students initials

Project 3 (due date October 3rd and 4th)
Intro to Poster Design: we will learn about the purpose, message, audience and design (layout) of posters.
The finished product will be our annual Lion's Club Peace Poster

And here the 9 winners:

Art I students during their self-selected "fun-project" time (soap carving)


Project 4-due date: October 10th/ 11th
"The Objects of my Life"- Still-Life Drawing
"If someone found your book bag and emptied its contents, what clues to your life would those contents provide? We rarely think about objects as historical records, but archeologists and historians often rely on them as they piece together evidence of how people once lived." - from: Art-a personal Journey, Davis Publishing

In this studio lesson, students will draw a still life that "says" something about themselves.
We will start the project with a short review on composition and value and will progress to drawing with drawing pencils of different softness.
This will be a black and white drawing project.
If students are not ready for larger composition as required they can work on three small drawings featuring their own still-lives.
Examples of first attempt:

Project 5
Color Mixing/ Color Wheel

Project 6
"Ceiling of Healing"- project final due date: November 21st, 2011. All paintings turned in later will not be included on the ceiling of the hospital.

Besides it being an acrylic large scale painting project it also is a service project for the Cancer Treatment Center in Cedar City. The hospital provided the students with a piece of large canvas each. The finishes paintings will be mounted on the ceiling in the hospital for patients to enjoy during treatment.
Slide show of finished artwork:

Project 7
"Fantastic Creatures in Fantastic Worlds"
Exploring the world of Fantasy we will draw/ paint imaginary creatures and futuristic worlds while learning concepts of perspective, color mixing, and transferring images.

We will start this unit with a study of technique. A mystical creature (dragon) will be copied to scale with an enlargement 1.5 times the original size. We are using the grid method. The end result will be colored in watercolor technique.
The major project in this unit will be a 4 section visual story using a minimum of 3 mystical creatures of the student’s choice. Research on creatures should be done at home or outside of class.
The background also should be of magical nature.
We will work primarily with tempera paint.

Project 8
"Self-Portrait" Collage with Linoleum-Cut

"1-Inch- Drawing-Mosaic" assembled on Masonite Board due date: May 17th)
This is a "filler-project". Students work on their design and drawing skills in-between other assignments. In order to fill a whole board with their collage of 1-inch squares they will need between 88 and 130 small pieces of art work.


Project 10
"Heifer International" Fundraiser- Artwork for Calendar- service project

In collaboration with the student council our students will create art work celebrating the work of Heifer International. In the end we will showcase some of the art in an 18-month calendar. Proceeds from sales will benefit the organization directly.

web page for "Heifer International"

Links to farm animal/ livestock images:
farm animals
heifer international images
images of chickens
images of goats
images of water buffalo
images of cows
images of heifer
images of sheep
images of camels
images of llamas
images of geese
images of pigs

Questions before start of the project:
What should I emphasize about the work of Heifer?
Where do I find reference pictures for animals?
How would I draw the human figure if I would use people in my art work?
What media do I want to use?
Does my artwork have to be a landscape setting or could it be more of a pattern or mandala- style?
What really do I know about Heifer International? If I don't know much, how and where could I find out? (Paying attention in class and listening to the teacher would help:)
Have other people created similar art work before? What did they do?

Project 11
Valentine Design- origami, use principles of design to arrange

Project 12
Finding the emphasis in original paintings, choose one to sketch 4 times, change the emphasis in each sketch through use of value, color, texture, placement etc.

Project 13
Print-exchange, presentation portfolio for prints (book making project)

Project 14
Wire Sculpture- Lamp Shade

work in progress:


Project 15- starting date: March 20th 2012
Designing Playgrounds: An Art-Based Lesson
taught by SUU student teacher Delaney Patterson

Students will look at different types of playgrounds around the world and discuss their favorite features of playgrounds. They will then design and construct a model playground using precut wood shapes and other materials. They will need to think about scale and proportion while creating at least 4 different structures for their playground and can establish a theme if they choose.

Internet sites pertaining to project
10 Unusual Playgrounds from around the World
more playground designs
Kulturinsel Einsiedel
crayola lesson plan

Project 16- Designer Toys (exam lesson with our student teacher from SUU)

Project 17- Art Show
Art show at the Artisan's Gallery with public reception on May 18th
Students will learn how to correctly label their art work, prepare for an exhibit, prepare refreshments, socialize during the exhibit.

Project 18 Needle Felting
Students will learn the process of needle felting and produce 2 flat pieces (one for our school) and one 3-D project.

Project 19 Mobile w/ Geometric shapes

Project 20 Creativity Lessons