6-9 Environment


On this site I am posting competencies, projects and occasional lesson plans as well as children's art work. Check back often since I am learning new features every week.

Click on the link to see the planned projects for the school year 2010/11

Here are some fun art games you can play with or without your parents. You will find that many of the concepts you have already learned:
Have Fun!!
Paint Shop
Color Mixing

Positive and Negative Shape tapestry

Animal Drawings with backgrounds

Still life drawings. The emphasis is on creating "complete" drawings. Children are using the entire paper. In order to do that successfully they have to have some understanding of "design rules", also called the "Principles of Art".


This project is a facial study using chalk. Before painting we talked about facial proportions, foreground, and background.


Here is a video from a previous painting class. Enjoy