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What is Creativity?
(for parents or other adults)

This video has four main sections: Navigating the Creative Process, The Cognitive Stages of Creativity, Transcending the Lone Creator, Nothing is Original.

Our favorite Projects by students of the 12-15 Environment

Here you will find useful information about the Art Studio at Gateway Preparatory Academy.
It is my intent to create a space where interested people can find out about projects, schedules, art work, lesson plans, and competencies.
Please, check back often since I am updating all the time.

Teachers: You will find the "art project menu" under your level. If you want your class to participate in any of the pre-planned lessons, browse, pick, and sign up.

Parents: Feel free to browse and look at everything that interests you. In time you will find useful links to art sites, kid's art, state curriculum, and GPA competencies.

Students: Yes, this is your space, too. Check back for schedules, required competencies, "Open Studio" special projects, and, of course, pictures of your own art work.
NEW I have added links to interactive, educational games. Have fun!
Let me know, if you would like to see changes. You know, where to find me :-)

Visitors: Welcome ! Feel free to browse and enjoy. Maybe you'll find useful information that you can use at home or in your class room. It is allowed and encouraged to borrow and share!


Birgit McMullen, Art Specialist