Welcome to Art 2
This class is a new addition. Typically students will have to have completed the course work of the Art 1 class to be admitted. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. This class will focus on expressing ideas in art. The focus is on larger group projects, installations, and artistic leadership for our school and within the community. Knowledge of the elements of art as well as handling and treatment of art materials is a prerequisite.
We will still begin the year with practicing our drawing skills and later move on to the larger projects. Students in this class will take on a leadership role.

What have you missed?
Tuesday, August 18
quality of line,creating unity and variety with line, Intro to Zentangle, difference between pattern and Zentangle, Assignment: three tiles, one sketchbook paper with one square of Zentangles, finish front cover paper
Wed, 08-19
due: 09-02
still life, composition, thumbnail sketches (make 3), demo on thumb nail sketches, shading, correct use of colored pencils
activity: thumbnail sketches, start drawing on large paper (12x18)
external image 5cb5b53318d31deb44804820ac18a25c.jpg
Mon, 08-25
work on still life assignment, remember: Composition: hierarchy, overlapping, proportion, Zentangle background (small patterns), don't forget the "string"
Wed, 08-27
work on still life, finish front cover for ring binder due: Mon 08-31
Thrs 09-03
last day to work on still life, sketch book pages (Critique for still life will be on Tues, 09-08)
value mask painting
Thrs 10-08
Introduction to peace poster (see "peace poster" tab on the left menu bar)

Project 4
"Ceiling of Change" (due date: May 9th, 2016, ongoing)
The “Ceiling of Change” is a series of painted ceiling tiles and will be a permanently installed on the ceiling at Gateway Preparatory Academy in Enoch, Utah. All tiles will be painted by the Middle School Art 2 students of this school. Students will paint with acrylics directly on the tiles. In the end, there will be at least 20 tiles. This project is expandable. It is my hope that we eventually will have tiles for the entire school.
Maria Montessori, ceiling tile.JPG DSCN4220.JPG DSCN4222.JPG

Sub-categories of Project 4
1- Handmade Research Book
2- make a list of 3 people, choose from or find your own (needs teacher approval) list of scientists
3- Find supporting materials for your number 2 choices, include them in your book (pictures, bio, why are they famous? etc.)
4- e-mail pictures of your choices with name and category to your teacher (birgitmcmullen@gpacharter.org)
5- Write at least half a page about the person's you choose. Include, why you thought they were worthy to be depicted on our ceiling.
6- Type and edit for publication, e-mail to teacher
7- trace your person on the ceiling tile (on the stage, remember, only two people can work there at a time)
8- design the supporting information onto the tile (name, dates of life, country of activity)

While you are waiting for anything (and you will wait :)
- continue with your sketchbook assignments (see sketchbook/Journal pages on this website)
- make a creative color wheel (this is an actual assignment for color mixing)
- work on your painting assignment
- do research
- write your summery about your depicted person(s)
- find good pictures of your chosen person and e-mail them to me
- work on ATC cards

Project 3:

Our finished installation: November 2014

value installation.JPG

Preliminary work: small painting of plant forms in a gray-scale of 5 gray tones plus white and black. (Intro o "Value")

"Patterned boxes installation", mask images, lines, contrast, value
external image 0e8aea99f881b8e14a35534b8f5369a1.jpg

Project 2: (due date: Thursday 09-17-14) : Critique 9-17-2014
On a sheet of drawing paper 18x24" draw draw your neighbor including background in a continuous contour line. Trace your lines with a fine tip sharpie. Starting fro the center draw rays to the edge of the paper. Use pencil for this. Color in the spaces created by the rays with two alternating color schemes. Use crayons for patterns and watercolor for the fill-wash.
Prep work: Draw 3-5 faces and/ or busts (head and upper body+arms) on 8x12" paper. Use continuous contour lines. No shading. Start with the eyes.

Example: (source: frecklephoto blog)
external image contour-blog.jpg

Project 1 Peace Poster



Art Foundations is all about an overview over a variety of art techniques, styles, methods, periods, and of course about the

Short Syllabus- basic outline and milestones
Vocabulary quizzes
Semester Project
Christmas Show
Artist Research Book with presentation
Final Project
End of Year Show