Welcome to Art 1 (school year 2015/16- Emphasis 3-D) (Beginning and Advanced level)
The class “ART 1 ” is a survey class and will review and build on the knowledge of the Elements
of Art. During the course of the year we will explore the Principles of Design and how they
apply to creating visually pleasing imagery as well as how they can be used to convey meaning
in art. The emphasis of this class will be on 3-D techniques and methods used to explore and express
through art our own personal story and how we connect to communities around us. Students will create individual art work in the following areas of emphasis:

We will work on all new projects. No repeats from last year. This class can be taken on a
beginning as well as on an advanced level.

What have you missed?
Monday/ Tuesday August 17/18
quality of line,creating unity and variety with line, Intro to Zentangle, difference between pattern and Zentangle, Assignment: three tiles, one sketchbook paper with one square of Zentangles, finish front cover paper
Wed, 08-19
due: 09-02
still life, composition, thumbnail sketches (make 3), demo on thumb nail sketches, shading, correct use of colored pencils
activity: thumbnail sketches, start drawing on large paper (12x18)
external image 5cb5b53318d31deb44804820ac18a25c.jpg example
Mon/Tue, 08-24
work on still life assignment, remember: Composition: hierarchy, overlapping, proportion, Zentangle background (small patterns), don't forget the "string"
Wed, 08-26
work day (still life/ zentangle background/ front cover of sketchbook) due: 08-31
Thrs 08-27
class discussion on art room climate", consequences, still life project, cover for ring binder (review shading), Zentangle background
front cover due:08-31
Wed 09-02
work on still life, work on sketchbook assignments and tiles.
work on still life..., sketchbooks,
This is the last class period before the critique. If you are not done, please finish at home.
Tues, 09-08
critique, Elements of Art test review, art analysis by elements
Thrs 09-10
finish up projects, circle painting
Mon/ Tue 09-14/15
Intro to Value, starting value scales- shading/cross-hatch, paint
Wed 9-16
Element's quiz, finish value scale (including color mixing), work on sketchbook
Thrs 9-24
navajo rug painting work day...almost done
Mon 10-05
Reflective essay about the project. 1 page, hand written, use vocabulary words: value, geometric shapes, symmetrical balance,colormixing
Curator game: "How would you choose the "best " painting for your show. (Navajo Rug critique)
Wed/ Thrs 10-08
Introduction to peace poster (see "peace poster" tab on the left menu bar)

Value/ Value scales: here is a great video to demonstrate the difference in lightness and darkness within one color

Art Foundations is all about an overview over a variety of art techniques, styles, methods, periods, and of course about the

Short Syllabus- basic outline and milestones
Vocabulary quizzes
Semester Project
Christmas Show
Artist Research Book with presentation
Final Project
End of Year Show