Art Appreciation

Current projects


we are learning about value, value scales, and how to draw using value to create form
- fill in an 8level value chart
- make a sketch (still life) using 3-4 values (indicated on the side of the paper)

Art Appreciation

On this site I am posting competencies, projects and occasional lesson plans as well as students art work. Check back often since I am learning new features every week.

This class will be taught twice a week in 45 minute blocks. It will give an overview to the major areas in art. Emphasis will be on the introduction of different techniques and rules used by artists to create. Short hands-on projects will complement the instruction.
Students will learn about the elements and principles of design and their importance in creating visually pleasing designs.
Methods of instruction will include the showing of art videos, and live demonstrations.
The short projects will utilize a variety of media such as pencil, chalk, paint, wire, and more.
This class can be combined with Studio Arts and will complement the curriculum.

Click on the following link to see the disclosure statement for this class. (Should have been read and signed by the parents or guardians at the beginning of the school year):

If you are wondering how anyone possibly can evaluate art work? The following link shows you a rubric with general considerations. It allows for personal growth over a period of time and measures the student only against him/herself.

Projects that should be completed by the student as of December 13th:
- two Zentangles
- portfolio

- peace poster
- "Monster"- visual vocabulary
- Christmas Tree Ornaments (Zentangle drawings)
- "Elements of Art Books" (including: decoration of art papers, construction of 4 books, construction of book portfolio, illustrated content on the elements: Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Color, Space---for the rubric on this project, please, click the following link:
- Line (wire sculpture)
- Shape 1- we are working on a paper-cut-out tapestry utilizing positive and negative shapes

- Shape 2- drawing overlapping shapes, creating depth

Students: Remember, we learned about color, made a collage, and talked about the elements of art? Do you remember when we designed our own flag?Deepen your understanding with some fun activities!
Following links will lead you to games and activities you and your parents might enjoy:
Color in Motion
Collage Machine
Elements and Principles
Build a Flag