Art Foundations- Studio Class

Project in Progress:
- Pointillism "Animal Drawing"

Art Foundations- Studio Class

On this site I am posting competencies, projects and occasional lesson plans as well as students art work. Check back often since I am learning new features every week.
This program is a hands-on class and will stretch across 90 minutes twice a week.
Students will explore a variety of art media, techniques, and processes. We will create works of art that show the use of the art elements and principles. Students will learn to appropriately critique and evaluate works of art- their own, and historically relevant pieces by known artists. We will learn how and why to create content in works of art, and how to curate works of art ordered by medium and content. We will also explore how works of art align according to history, geography, and personal experience.
Throughout the year will have opportunity to synthesize art with other educational subjects as to explore how visual arts can be integrated across disciplines and how to integrate visual arts with dance, music, and drama.
Units throughout the year are structured into Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Bookmaking, Sculpture, and Art History.
This class can be combined with Art Appreciation and will complement the curriculum.

Click on the following link to see the disclosure statement for this class. (Should have been read and signed by the parents or guardians at the beginning of the school year):

If you are wondering how anyone possibly can evaluate art work? The following link shows you a rubric with general considerations. It allows for personal growth over a period of time and measures the student only against him/herself.

Projects that should be finished as of December 13th:
- 4 Zentangles
- Introduction to "Critique"
- Portfolio

- Portfolio self evaluation
- Quizz1
- Cross-Contour line drawing
- Quizz2
- Comic- character sheet, story

- small Zentangle painting (tempera)
- large area tempera painting (technical explorations)
- written critique to above painting

- Peace Poster
- Advent Calendar

Story Diorama


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