All extra credit assignments have to be done on a full sheet of paper. Quality of your art work is essential.
You can choose an extra credit assignment from a list below or come up with your own. If in doubt, please check with the teacher before.
You can earn up to 2 project points. The general art rubric applies to grading.

Here is a list of ideas. Remember, complete drawings, please. These are NOT sketches.

Assignment 3:

up to 2 points
Draw your face or a face with light pencil lines on a drawing paper 8x12". Use the words of a poem or essay you have written yourself or that you like very much to model the shape of the face, hair, shoulders etc. Use the same font (same style of letters), but choose different sizes to accommodate the shape.

Assignment 2:

up to 2 points
Choose an animal from the picture box and draw its contour/ cross contour lines on a drawing paper 8x12" Use the whole paper. Emphasize lines with an ultra-fine black sharpie and fill the insides with detailed patterns. You can find examples in our Zentangle books or pattern sheets. Use the background. (for example: watercolor wash, more patterns, colored pencil etc.


Assignment 1:

up to 2 points
Fill a paper with stacked cups of any size or shapes. define positive/ negative space any way you like.

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