The purpose of your final project is for you to show me that you have learned all the things I want you to have learned during this past year. You can also use this opportunity to work on something that you really have been wanting to do, but never had the chance. If you choose to work primarily outside of class (at home) you still will have to do a project during class.
For the final itself you have two choices:

1) “ Choose your own project as a Final” click here
  1. Plan the project working time for about 6 class periods days. Your proposal has to be in writing. (see worksheet)
  2. What is it you want to accomplish ?- sculpture, painting, installation
  3. What Elements and Principles of Art will you consider? ( choose three of each)
  4. How will you evaluate the quality of the project?
  5. What materials will you need? How are you planning to get them?
  6. Give a presentation in front of the class
You can work in groups of up to 2 students to propose and make the project, but every student has to have a part in it that I can evaluate.(please, specify on your proposal)
2) You can choose the project the teacher has prepared for you.

If you miss your proposal deadline I will also assign you a project.

Time Line: Due Date for completion is May 9/10thd, 2016
IF you miss class you have to work extra time. Since this is our last project there will be NO extensions
Presentations: week of May 9th- 13th
Proposals are due: week of April 18th- April 22nd

Download and print the proposal worksheet here

Download and print the Rubric for the final and presentation here