Your grade (grading key) in this class will include:
Please, also see the grading key for honor status requirements.

- Participation (work during class)
Participation during class time is essential for successfully completing this class. The work environment will determine how much students can benefit from each other, what kind of ideas they will have, how their project will be executed. In-school make-up time will be limited. If students are not present or not working during class time they will be responsible for make-up work. Please, use the website as reference.
Students who interrupt others, mistreat materials and/or tools, do not follow safety rules, generally disturb the learning environment of others will be asked to leave the environment for the benefit of others. Make-up work will be required to be completed at home. You as a parent or guardian will be notified via e-mail. Please, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.

- Quality of turned in work (complete projects)
General and specific rubrics will be available to view in the class room. The quality of art will be judged by the rubric and what can be considered a personal best. I will grade learn-able concepts in art. Freedom of expression is encouraged within the structure of Elements and Principles of Design. Hard work, effort, courage to try something new, and creativity will also be rewarded.

- Sketchbook entries
Sketchbook entrees are an important part of the art education in our school. They are designed to practice fundamental skills of art making. Students are encouraged to work on their sketchbooks in class, when they are finished with a project, need break from other work or at home. There will be a list of required projects. Students are also encouraged to create their own assignments. This extra work can be supplemental to earn EXTRA or MAKE-UP points or it can be done INSTEAD of an assignment IF students check with me FIRST. Sketchbooks will be evaluated by the end of EACH term.

- Vocabulary and concept quizzes
Students are expected to study new, art related vocabulary in order to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas. Vocabulary and concepts will be tested in short quizzes. You can find content of tests and quizzes under the relevant tab of the navigation bar.

- Reflection during critiques
Students will learn how to OBJECTIVELY talk about art. We will practice this by the end of projects. Discussions will include a look at progress, technique, possible difficulties encountered, solutions found by other students, quality, composition, suggestions for improvement etc.
Participation during critiques will be evaluated separately from class participation.
It is ESSENTIAL to have projects finished by the scheduled critique, since we can only learn what we need to learn by looking at completed work.

- Semester Project
due two weeks before the Christmas Show, ongoing project "Tile Mosaic"

- Final Project
The FINAL is the very last project of the year and will either be assigned by the teacher or can be planned by the student. This is an opportunity for students to work on a technique they really liked during the school year or work on something that they have always wanted to try but never had the time or resources to do. In order to create their own projects students will have to turn in proposal of what their project will be, what materials they will need, how they want to be graded, why they are doing the project etc. If the proposal is not turned in by the deadline student have to complete the teacher-assigned project for full points.
Materials: If student work will include materials that are not available in the art room students are expected to provide their own.
Work can be done inside or outside of class. All projects have to be presented during class at the assigned time.