Open Studio

Our Open Studio this year has been re-worked to better fit a Montessori Curriculum.

The way it works:
Every Monday afternoon classroom teachers can schedule time slots in the art room. The time is reserved for cross-curricular, interdisciplinary activities. That means that concepts learned in the classroom can be re-enforced through some custom tailored art lessons.
The classroom teachers schedule project and time with the art instructor, the art instructor develops the lesson and determines how much time needs to be allotted to the project. Dates and times are organized on a sign-up sheet.

My experience:
I love Open Studio. Even so it is more work for me (I have to custom tailor lessons for individual classrooms and projects) it also presents the opportunity for maximum learning for the students. It is awesome to see how their eyes light up as soon as they recognize that we are about to work on something they already have a clue about...Interdisciplinary learning is certainly the way to go.

Here is an example of a project we did with Mrs. Waldman's class for the Day of the Dead holiday. Open Studio projects usually last about 1-2 hrs.