"1-Inch- Drawing-Mosaic" assembled on Masonite Board due date: week before Christmas Concert/ Art Show)
This is a "filler-project". Students work on their design and drawing skills in-between other assignments. In order to fill a whole board with their collage of 1-inch squares they will need between 77 and 130 small pieces of art work.
Using your knowledge of Zentangles and how to create patterns fill between 77-130 small cardboard tiles (1”x 1”) with unique patterns. Patterns can be repeated, but you should have a good variety of them. You can make up your own or use the resource guide for ideas (click on the “idea page for patterns” link)
Use the last two weeks before Christmas break to assemble your tiles on a Masonite board and glue them down. Please, do not glue them down before you have created them all, since all principles of design will apply for assemblage, and you will have to arrange and move the tiles around a lot to get the best design possible.
While you are working all finished tile should be kept in an envelope. DO NOT LOSE THE ENVELOPE OR TILES!

What is a mosaic?


Idea page for patterns