Introduction: Our sketchbook/journal is a way of practicing to draw and to keep track
of all kinds of visual ideas. You will have assignments. But you can use it for fun as well.

Sketchbook Info/Rules/Due Dates

1- You are required to create two out of the eight (8) assignments for each term (28-31 all together). We will have a sketchbook review by the end of each term. Due dates are listed below.
2- Assignments are not random. They are designed for you to practice skills that you will need to become a better artist in general. They will also help you producing a better art project in class.
3- You have to bring your sketchbook to class. We will also use it as a notebook, study guide, and organizational tool.
4- Keep your sketchbook neat. Pages have to stay in the binder in order. Pages have to be numbered on the bottom outside corner. If your holes rip you need to mend them with the stabilizing stickers.
5- You can glue paper into your pages, for example if you work on a smaller piece at home or during lunch and you don’t have our paper, just take glue stick and glue it on a paper that will fit in your ring binder.
6- You can work on your sketchbook entrees any time. You can work in class when your other work is complete, you can work during study hall, during lunch break, before school, and at home.
7- You can do extra work in your sketchbooks for extra credit. In order to get full points (up to 2) you need to fill a whole page in good quality. Include your name, date, what it is you are drawing, and any other information that would be important for me.

Due date
Term 1
A1/ A1
Monday, Oct. 5th, 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 2015
Term 2
A1/ A1
Monday, Dec. 14, 2015

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015
Term 3
A1/ A1
Monday, Feb. 29th, 2016

Tuesday, Mar. 1st, 2016
Term 4
A1/ A1
Monday, May 16th, 2016

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016
Term 1 Assignments due: Oct 5th/ Oct.6th

Term 2 Assignments due: Dec14th/ Dec.15th

Term 3 Assignments due: Feb.29th/ Mar 1st

Term 4 Assignments due: May.16th/ May17th

Extra Assignments

If you need any other inspiration for drawings check out this list of sketch prompts: