thanks for checking in.
My name is Birgit McMullen and I am the GPA's Art Specialist. I am very excited to work with your children at this wonderful Montessori school.
Some of you have met me already and noticed my accent. I am originally from Germany and moved to Utah about 23 years ago.
I love pretty much everything about Southern Utah- the blue sky, the mountains, coyotes, deer in my back yard, and low average commuting times
(supposedly 12.2 min)

I have been a professional artist for eleven years and an art instructor for about 13. With joy I have been teaching children, teenagers, and adults. But every
once in a while I have to retreat to my very quiet studio and re-charge my creative batteries.

I am looking forward to meeting you all,
Birgit McMullen, M.A.

Birgit Wudenka McMullen.jpg